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Interested in directing?

We are now accepting applications to direct a play in the 2018/19 season. Whether you are an experienced director or have never directed a play, whether you have a play you want to do or are looking for ideas, we want to hear from you. Inexperienced or first-time directors can take advantage of our mentoring scheme which may include the opportunity to take on a shorter one-act play. Please register your interest as soon as possible by contacting the head of the play reading committee or any member of the main committee. If you are not currently a member you can do this by using the Contact Us page on this website.

Below is a list of short-listed plays which you may wish to consider if you do not yet have a play in mind.

Full-length plays

The Business of Murder by Richard Harris (Cast:2M 1F)
Psychological thriller about revenge centring on the triangular relationship between Dee, a successful television playwright; Hallet, a detective superintendent; and Stone, a humorless, prissy man. Dee arrives at Stone's flat to discuss a script by Stone's wife. She is surprised when Hallett, with whom she is having an affair, also arrives, apparently to investigate a matter concerning Stone's son's involvement with a drug ring. But where are wife and son? After twists and turns, Stone's intentions become clear as he slowly reveals the precise nature of the trio's relationship: all three are very much concerned with the business of murder and the play culminates in another perpetration of the crime.
Curtains by Stephen Bill (Cast:3M 5F)
It is Ida's 86th birthday, a milestone she would rather not have reached. Her family has gathered to celebrate with a birthday tea. After tea is cleared the family disperse leaving Katherine remembering a pact she made with Ida not to let her suffer into old age. She helps her out of her misery and into the next world. Returning to find a mercy-killer in the house the family proceed to reveal a panorama of English mores at their hilarious worst.
Black Widow by Paul Thain (Cast:7M 6F)
Lord Arlington is dead, poisoned by a corned beef sandwich. His daughter Emily, who is obsessed by Hamlet, becomes convinced that her mother and a family friend are responsible. She sets out to exact a terrible revenge. Madness, murder, passion, ghosts and retribution are all themes in this complex and compelling drama that is set in the Edwardian era but involves modern sensibilities.
Nasty Neighbours by Debbie Isitt (Cast:3M 3F)
A terrifically thrilling black comedy examining the strains and stresses of life in the 90s. Following the emigration of Mr and Mrs Peach's neighbours the Hodges to Australia, the grieving Peaches anxiously wonder who will arrive next door. But rude and aggressive Mr and Mrs Chapman prove to be far from the ideal couple they had dreamed of and Mr Peach embarks on a massive feud with them. The problems escalate out of all proportion, including harassing the Hodges in Australia. It is not long before all 3 couples are tearing each other apart and in a terrifying climax, Mr Peach sets out to show the Chapmans just how nasty a neighbour can be...
Lightning Play by Charlotte Jones (Cast:4M 4F)
Celebrity ghost-writer Max Villiers and his shop-a-holic wife Harriet, are hosting a party at Hallow'een. Their guests include a failed monk; his date, who dabbles in New Age ideas; the heavily-pregnant Imogen, a friend of the Villiers' daughter and her strait-laced husband. Max's new plasma screen TV dominates the'set but only he can'see the images from the past that appear on it, revealing the tragedy that the Villiers have long tried to bury but must now face.
Bully Boy by Sandi Toksvig (Cast:2M)
Major Oscar Hadley is investigating allegations of gross misconduct within a self-styled 'Bully Boy' unit of the British Army. When young squaddie, Eddie Clark is interrogated, Oscar begins to discover that 'truth' in a modern insurgency can be a point of view rather than a fact. Nationally known and loved as a broadcaster, comedian and writer - Sandi Toksvig's ferociously gripping play, with great tenderness, offers a startling insight into the minds of soldiers. She tackles the challenging moral issues of contemporary military occupation, and its effect on the mental health of serving soldiers.
The Maltese Bodkin by David Belke (Cast:4M 2F)
A comedy mystery with a Shakespearean twist. Times were tough for hard boiled detective Birnam Wood. He never asked to be in London. Especially in 1605. When his partner is murdered, Wood has to find the killer amid a vast cast of suspects that includes (among others) Viola, Richard III, Falstaff, Iago, Mercutio and a merchant from Venice. But the real solution to the mystery seems to be in discovering the secret behind a mysterious dagger known as the Maltese Bodkin. The worlds of detective fiction and Shakespeare collide in this "who hath done it".
All Things Considered by Ben Brown (Cast:4M 3F)
David Freeman, a Professor of Philosophy about to reach fifty, is tired of life. His only desire now is to control the timing and manner of his death. His plans for 'self-deliverance', however, are disrupted by the earthly deman's of people around him. Alone at last he carries out his plan, but is saved by the college electrician. Returning from hospital, David hears news that may change his mind — yet ultimately the vagaries of chance would have it otherwise.
Lovesong by Abi Morgan (Cast:2M 2F)
"Lovesong" intertwines a couple in their 20s with the same man and woman a lifetime later. Their past and present selves collide in this haunting and beautiful tale of togetherness. All relationships have their ups and downs; the optimism of youth becomes the wisdom of experience. Love is a leap of faith.
That Good Night by N J Crisp (Cast:3M 2F)
Selfish, womaniser, screenwriter Ralph is terminally ill and longs to be reconciled with his long-abandoned son Michael.  He blows this when he insults Michael’s girlfriend, but when his mysterious Visitor arrivesostensibly to hasten his end, he’s the subject of a devastating trick.A poignant, humorous and profound play from a celebrated writer of unusual imagination
Prin by Andrew Davies (Cast:3M 3F)
The egocentric and eccentric heroine of this play by the author of Rose is principal of a teachers’ college in England. She fights with every fiber of her being against mediocrity in public education and in the world in general Her world is falling apart: the Directors plan to merge the school with the local Polytechnic, giving her a faculty chair but no authority. Prin is also on shaky grounds with her lover, a shy, quiet woman who wants to marry the science teacher While Prin lords it over one and all, one and all are making plans to be free from her. Prin emerges as a character whose noble ideals are doomed by her arrogant insensitivity.
Communicating Doors by Alan Ayckbourn (Cast:3M 3F)
A London sex specialist from the future stumbles into a murder plot that sends her, compliments of a unique set of hotel doors, traveling back in time She and two women who were murdered in 1998 and 1978 race back and forth in time trying to rewrite history and prevent their own violent ends The frantic race begins when Poopay is hired for an evening at the Regal Hotel by an old man who eschews a fling in favor of confessing his role in the demise of his wives Now a target, Poopay flees into the vestibule and somehow triggers the time machine
Henceforward by Alan Ayckbourn (Cast:3M 4F)
It is sometime quite soon in a steel shuttered, slovenly flat in a no go area of North London where punks rule deserted streets. Here, a lonely composer sits surrounded by high tech equipment His only company is a robot nanny and she’s on the blink. He desperately wants to reclaim his teenage daughter and enlists an out of work actress to implement a cunning plan he’s evolved to impress his estranged wife and a wired for sound child welfare officer When things don’t work out, Jerome has to improvise…. It’s amazing what can be done with new micro chips and a screwdriver!
A Slight Hangover by Ian Ogilvy (Cast:4M 2F)
At the end of Noel Coward’s Design for Living, two men and a woman embark on a menage a trois founded on mutual attraction and a conscious flouting of societal norms This witty and warm hearted comedy continues their story. It is 1985. Orson Woodley and Sir Lewis Messenger share a house in the West Indies, their beloved Giselle having died some years before Their peaceful lives are turned upside down when Olga, Giselle’s daughter, arrives determined to find out which of them is her father Olga’s daughter, a spitting image of Giselle, stirs further memories in a funny and moving exploration of this unusual family’s history
Rubenstein Kiss by James Phillips (Cast:4M 3F)
In 1953 Jakob and Esther are betrayed and punished for an act of industrial espionage. In 1975 Matthew and Anna meet in front of an art gallery photogragh of Jakob and Esther sharing one final kiss before they part. Young, radical and falling in love, together they seek justice for the past
Wildest Dreams by Alan Ayckbourn (Cast:4M 4F)
Four typical Ayckbourn misfits are playing a Dungeons and Dragons type game in a suburban living room. Frustrated and repressed Hazel and her meek,sex starved husband Stanley are joined by an emotionally retarded computer freak named Warren and by Rick, a taciturn lesbian The game is more than a game. It is a chance for them to be beautiful, wise and heroic qualities they will never possess in real life. Marcie, who is escaping from her violent husband, blows the foursome apart Confusion ensues, secrets spill and, by the end of the play, all of the characters are irrevocably transformed
Sitting Pretty by Amy Rosenthal (Cast:4M 6F)
Unmarried sisters in their fifties share a London flat. Nina is brisk, dynamic and gainfully employed Nancy is plump, self conscious and suddenly redundant. Urged to find a hobby, she unwittingly stumbles into a job modeling for eccentric drawing students and their philandering teacher Initially horrified to discover that life models pose naked, Nancy is unexpectedly liberated by the experience. Though she keeps this activity a secret, her newfound confidence unsettles Nina The sisters move toward an inevitable confrontation as Nina faces her unhappy past and Nancy glimpses a possible future. This bittersweet play unfolds with humorous twists and turns
Woman in Mind by Alan Ayckbourn (Cast:5M 3F)
The comic poet of middle class life, always so very funny, goes deeper and darker in this triumphant play about a housewife named Susan who is married to a boring cleric named George After getting knocked out by stepping on the tooth end of a garden rake, Susan experiences hilarious hallucinations in which her oppressive and boring everyday life is replaced by a fantasy in which she is an ideal wife and mother with an ideal family While her real family treats her with condescension and apathy, her fantasy family dresses in lovely white, always drinks champagne, lives in a stately home and tells her that she is wonderful. Eventually, the fantasy family becomes nightmarish and Susan begins to realize that she is going mad
The Herbal Bed by Peter Whelan (Cast:5M 3F)
The Herbal Bed is based on actual events that occurred in Stratford-upon-Avon in the summer of 1613 William Shakespeare’s elder daughter Susanna Hall was publicly accused of having a sexual liaison with Rafe Smith, a married neighbor and family friend Susanna sues her accuser, young Jack Lane, for slander in the court of Worcester Cathedral. Susanna’s husband, the respected physician of Stratford, John Hall, is desperate for her to clear her name in order to save his practice, and he gives her his complete support But how can he avoid the fact that one summer’s night, while he was away from Stratford, Rafe Smith was seen secretly leaving their herbal garden? Faced with political divisions within the church, the hearing in the bishop’s court becomes a risky gamble as three people’s private lives are held up to the glare of intense public scrutiny in this emotional thriller whose outcome is anything but certain
Silhouette by Simon Brett (Cast:5M 3F)
An ingenious thriller where Detective Inspector Bruton questions actress Celia Wallis about the murder of her husband Martin. Celia is obviously in the clear, but the finger of suspiscion points to Neville, the drunken journalist asleep in her bed who has argued with Martin shortly before he was killed. It all seems very simple until the second act which takes place before the murder and turns all our expectations on their heads…
Rutherford & Son by Githa Sowerby (Cast:3M 4F)
A strong father is a successful business man, but he is headstrong and domineering and seems to despise the weakness he sees in his sons. One son has had to return home with his wife due to money worries. The other son is a local priest. One of the sons has been working with his father's factory assistant on a new process that he hopes will make his fortune But Mr Rutherford has other ideas.
Mr Wonderful by James Robson (Cast:3M 2F)
Norma a middle aged woman living with her mother is desperately trying to find a man by using a dating agency. We see some of the options! Then along comes Geoff - her possible 'Mr Wonderful'. Will her mother, terrified of her daughter leaving, scheme to prevent her happiness, or are things quite as they seem.
Relatively Speaking by Alan Ayckbourn (Cast:2M 2F)
Greg and Ginny are living together, but Greg is becoming somewhat suspicious that he is not the only man in her life. He wonders about Ginny's plan 'to visit her parents' and decides to follow her. Ginny is really going to see a considerably older lover, but only in order to break with him. Greg mistakes the ex-lover and his wife for Ginny's parents. Ginny's arrival further compounds an already wildly hilarious situation.
Comic Potential by Alan Ayckbourn (Cast:10M/F)
A hilarious satire of television and a touching romantic comedy, it begins in a television studio where a hospital soap opera is being taped. One actor starts speaking gibberish; he is an "actoid" a robot and his programming is off kilter. Adam, the young nephew of the producer and an aspiring writer who worships the director (once a great movie director and now a broken down has been), is on the set. Adam starts chatting with Jacie Tripplethree, the actoid (serial number JC333) playing the nurse and finds, to his surprise, that not only can she carry on a conversation but, due to what she calls a fault in her programming, she has a creative imagination. Adam wants to build a new television series around her but the studio will not hear of it. He also finds he is falling in love with the charming robot! Will Adam get the green light on his series? Will love prevail?
Private Fears in Public Places by Alan Ayckbourn (Cast:3M 3F)
Six people with six very separate lives are strangely linked by circumstance. Does Nicola still love Dan? Can Stewart be on the verge of an office romance? Will Imogen ever find true love? Does Ambrose have a secret life? And what on earth is Charlotte up to? "Sir Alan's play is a tale of the misheard, the unspoken and the sadly misunderstood. absolute perfection, bringing warmth, humor, and sadness to Ayckbourn's exquisite dark comedy." - thetheatremania.com
Haunting Julia by Alan Ayckbourn (Cast:3M)
Julia Lukin was a musical prodigy who committed suicide 12 years ago. Her father Joe has never come to terms with her death, and in the Julia Larkin Centre For Performing Studies, he hopes to discover what happened by meeting with a psychic, Ken, and Julia's boyfriend, Andy, who was the last person to see her alive. The men meet in Julia's preserved bedroom and Joe reveals that he believes Julia is trying to contact him, haunting him in order to explain what happened. Between the three men, the story of Julia's life and death is gradually revealed - often at odds with what each man believes he knew. Julia had ultimately been unable to cope with the pressures of both her father and her overwhelming musical gift. Joe, of course, is unwilling to accept his love could ever have led to Julia's suicide, while Andy is still guilt-ridden about whether he could have prevented the tragedy had he not broken up with her that night. Ken attempts to contact Julia, but is revealed to be a hoax when he picks up Julia's teddy-bear to receive a message. The bear is a plant, the original long since lost. Ken reveals that he has waited many years to meet Joe and explain that he knew Julia; that she would come and find refuge in his and his wife's normal life and that, contrary to what may have been said, Julia told him at the end she loved her father. Ken is actually more aware of what is happening than the others credit him for though and as each of the men's feelings and recollections come to light, Ken believes Julia is poised to appear. A door onto what should be a brick wall blows open; impossibly the original corridor is present. Julia manifests herself, visible only to Joe, although the room is wrecked by an eerie wind and the bed begins to bleed. Joe understands what Julia has endured and that she is not at peace; he is haunting her. In a final moment of understanding, Joe lets his daughter go.
Silas Marner by George Eliot/Geoffrey Beevers (Cast:15M 8F)
Eliot's story of the reclusive miser who is transformed by a young girl is one of the most moving and memorable in Victorian literature. This adaptation captures the novel's thirty year sweep in a series of telling scenes, each displaying Eliot's gifts for humor, insight and simple beauty. The large cast can be trimmed to seven multiple roles and it is possible to keep costumes and props to a minimum.
Salt of the Earth by John Godber (Cast:5M 6F)
An affectionate and touching portrait of life in the West Yorkshire coalfields centred on the hopes, dreams and heartache of the Parker sisters, Annie and May, whose hopes in turn centre on May's son Paul and his academic success.
An Experiment with an Airpump by Shelagh Stephenson (Cast:3M 4F)
The Scientific and Romantic attitudes of 1799 are contrasted and counterpointed by their 1999 equivalents in this elegant drama of love, mystery and betrayal
Late of this Address by Ian Hornby (Cast:2M 3F)
Newly-weds Rick & Vicky have bought a run down house for a song. It needs work doing but what they don't expect is that the house is already occupied by Jessica. Even worse only Rick can see her, it seems she had died mysteriously 20yrs previously. In trying to exorcise her they only manage to rematerialise Jessica's ghostly husband, whom only Vicky can see. After the four have sorted out their relationships with each other with all the ensuing jealousies and rivalries they then set about trying to solve the murders
Siren by David Williamson (Cast:5M 2F)
A situation comedy for the 1990s. Holed up in a Central Coast motel room with three undercover detectives, Liz has been employed to use her sex appeal on Billy Nottle, a local councillor suspected of accepting bribes from developers. David Williamson examines power games and sexual politics.
Perfectionist by David Williamson (Cast:3M 2F)
Williamson's continuing examination of modern marriage follows a pair of academics from Denmark to Sydney as they blunder along the rival paths of career and parenthood.
Amy's View by David Hare (Cast:3M 3F)
A play about the struggle between a strong mother and her loving daughter Esme is a well-known actress at a time when the West End is ceasing to offer a regular way of life The visit of her daughter with a new boyfriend sets in train a series of events which only find their shape 18 years later
When did you last see your Trousers by Galton & Antrobus (Cast:6M 3F)
This hilarious farce begins quietly enough with Howard and Penny asleep. A burglar climbs through the window and steals various items, including Howard's suit Awakening, Howard announces his intention to get back to the wife! But how can he in only vest and underpants? Before you can say "jockey shorts" he is being chased around the flat by his Danish au pair, the Home Secretary and a randy constable who doubles as a flasher Add to this a punk with rainbow colored hair, a gravelly voice Captain and a singing telegram Gorilla and you have the ingredients for a night of outrageous fun!
Departures by John Godber (Cast:3M 6F)
The departure lounges of ten airports across Europe and America provide a backdrop of delays, dangers and frustration as two business executives, Jim and Steve, embark on a journey of self-discovery. While the easygoing Steve spends time on the mobile running a number of love interests, with the morals of a cat, Jim is determined to remain faithful to his wife Claire. The arrival of young Zoe changes all that.. The anxiety of the departure lounge becomes all too personal for all involved, leading to a sad yet hopeful ending.
Someone Who'll Watch Over Me by Frank McGuinness (Cast:3M)
An American doctor and an Irish journalist are being held captive by terrorists in Beirut. They exercise and they argue, supportive in their mutual determination to survive. They are joined by an English academic. The three display their national biases and prejudices, which are intensified in the cramped confines of their cell. As time passes, resentments and recriminations give way to an acknowledgment of their characters, strengths and weaknesses. They learn that humor is their surest weapon against their captors and the safest armor to protect themselves. They shoot imaginary films, they throw a big party for each other, they play a fantastical game of tennis, they laugh at and with each other, and they learn to lament what was lost in their lives before captivity. Each comes to know himself through listening to the stories, sorrows and joys of the others. At the end of the play, they are capable of standing together and alone.
Art by Yasmina Reza (Cast:3M)
A sophisticated, philosophical French comedy ... Marc cannot believe that his friend Serge has bought a hugely expensive modern painting - seemingly entirely white - and this ignites a quarrel about Life, Art, Values & Friendship The play's third character, a friend of them both, tries to mediate with hilarious consequences The question is - Are you who you think you are, or are you who your friends think you are?
Elton John's Glasses by David Farr (Cast:4M 2F)
Bill is a fanatical supporter of Watford F.C. Day after day he sits in his unfurnished flat, watching the 1984 FA Cup Final with an obsession verging on madness The video replays the fatal moment when the Watford goalkeeper fumbles the ball and Everton take a two-nil lead. Bill blames the goalkeeper's mishap on the glare from Elton John's sunglasses Reconciled to an agoraphobic existence, Bill laments the decline of his beloved team -'It was there the dream died' A comedy about ageing, failure and football, Elton John's Glasses is the work of a prodigiously talented dramatist with a rare sympathy for character and relationships
Home Truths by David Lodge (Cast:2M 2F)
Adrian, a novelist with a distinguished reputation and a book on the A level syllabus, is now seeking obscurity in a cottage beneath the Gatwick flight path with his wife Eleanor. Their old university friend Sam, himself a successful screenwriter, drops in on the way to LA, fuming over a vicious profile of himself written by rottweiler interviewer Fanny in a Sunday newspaper. Together the 2 men decide to take revenge on the journalist, although Adrian is risking what he values most his privacy. Examines the solitary act of writing and the demands of the media circus. Significantly takes place in the summer of 1997
The Lodger by Simon Burke (Cast:4M 2F)
Somewhere in the bleak anonymity of suburbia, Andrew Wise has a room to let. When the enigmatic Lois turns up an awkward bargain is struck which leads them into a brutal, tender and darkly comic relationship. Not for the faint- hearted
Passion Play by Peter Nichols (Cast:2M 4F)
This seems to be an old story, the happy marriage of James & Eleanor blown apart by the infidelity of the husband. But this production has a twist with 2 Jameses and 2 Eleanors on stage, one couple talking as might be expected and the other speaking from the mind. A piece which starts off funny and racy but develops into something darker and more profound.
Accidental Death of an Anarchist by Dario Fo (Cast:5M 1F)
A sharp and hilarious satire on police corruption, it concerns the case of an anarchist railway worker who, in 1969, 'fell' to his death from a police headquarters window
Portrait of a Nude by Laura Shamas (Cast:3M 2F)
A fascinating exploration of issues of artistic inspiration, history and censorship. Spanning 193 years and based on real events, this play in 4 parts traces the history of the sociopolitical response to Goya's masterpiece 'Naked Maja' from the time of its inception in 1798 Spain, to America and the recent sexual harassment case involving the work. Although our response to art is personal and subjective, how much of our reaction is really based on the 'politically correct' values of our times?
Dead ringer by Charles Ross (Cast:6M 2F)
When the Prime Minister drops dead from an apparent heart attack on the eve of a general election, 2 members of the cabinet, fearing defeat without the charisma of the PM hire an out of work actor, a 'dead-ringer' for the deceased, to take his place until the election is won. However the actor grows to like his role until he discovers that the real PM was poisoned. Thereafter this thriller plunges us forcibly from the early amusing fantasy world into murder and dark plots.
Rumours by Neil Simon (Cast:5M 5F)
Ken and Chris have found their host Charly in his bedroom, too dazed to speak, with a bullet wound in his earlobe! Len and Carrie arrive, both injured in a car crash and are joined by Glenn and Cassie and Ernest and Cookie, each with their own bizarre problems. A second accidental gunshot leaves Ken temporarily deaf and when the police arrive it is up to Len to pretend to be Charly and try to fashion an explanation...

One act plays

Man of Letters by Tim Firth (Cast: 2M)
Frank has erected signs for a commercial letterer for twenty-five years. With trainee Alan, he attempts to spell 'Forshaw's' - the letters collectively forming the play's third 'character'. He is nonplussed when the right letters do not appear and then realization dawns. A truly outstanding, genuinely funny play, with a wry twist at the end.
Flood Warning by Fay Weldon (Cast: 2M 3F)
A finely-observed study of family life from the novelist and playwright Fay Weldon which offers a superb range of acting roles for three women and two men. The local river has burst its banks, causing flooding in Cynthia's and Step's antiques business. Cynthia, immobile with her leg in plaster, can only comment on the rising tide to her husband and daughter Angela as they endeavour to save the stock by carrying it upstairs. Their elder daughter, high-flying city exec Jane, and her partner, Trevor, arrive to help, with Jane intent on organizing everyone. But the animosity between the sisters is apparent and a startling announcement by Angela opens up another flood - this time of family secrets!
The Cafe by Neville Watchurst (Cast: 2M 2F)
In July 1990, the Cafe de Paris - a ballroom off Leicester Square, London - opened its doors for the last time in its 66 year history. In its heyday, the Cafe was the haunt of royals and society figures. As its glitter faded and the popularity of 'correct' dancing diminished, the Cafe became the preserve of a dwindling band of individuals who came in search of the gentle pleasures of a bygone era. The play is set during the final tea dance and centres on 4 characters who have come to pay their respects at the passing into history of the place they have all loved. The mood of the piece, however, is far from sombre. Bittersweet, sad and romantic, this is a charming and moving play for older actors.
Five Kinds of Silence by Shelagh Stephenson (Cast: 2M 4F)
This highly-acclaimed stage version of the 1996 radio play is the'story of a family in which control has become the driving force. Billy, himself abused as a child, has sexually abused his two daughters since their early teens. Now the adult daughters, with the connivance of their mother, attempt to free the'selves, and kill him.
Eight by Ella Hickson (Cast: 5M 4F)
Eight compelling monologues offering a state-of-the-nation group portrait for the stage. From Millie, the jolly-hockey-sticks prostitute who mourns the loss of the good old British class system, to Miles, a 7/7 survivor, and Danny, an ex-squaddie who makes friends in morgues, Eight looks at what has happened to a generation that has grown up in a world where everything has become acceptable. In its original performances, each audience voted for four of the eight monologues that they wished to see, resulting in a different line-up at every performance. A ninth unperformed monologue is included in this edition.
Dumb Waiter by Harold Pinter (Cast: 2M/F)
In all of Pinter's plays, seemingly ordinary events become charged with profound, if elusive, meaning, haunting pathos, and wild comedy. In The Dumbwaiter, a pair of gunmen wait for the kill in a decayed lodging house. Harold Pinter gradually exposes the inner strains and fear of his characters, alternating hilarity and character to create and almost unbearable edge of tension.
The Proposal by Chekhov (Cast: 2M 1F)
Lomov comes to seek the hand of neighbouring landowner Tchbukov's daughter, Natalya. But he is so nervous he gets sidetracked into a dispute over land. Natalya banishes him, but when she learns the reason he visited she calls him back. The two are soon engaged in battle with a desperate father screaming a toast to the happy couple.
Open Couple by Dario Fo & Franca Rome (Cast: 1M 1F)
At the beginning of this hilarious farce about sexual mores, a wife is threatening suicide because of her husband's infidelity. He can't understand why he can't have both wife and mistress. He gets an inkling when his wife takes a lover. When the couple is open on both sides, craftily notes the wife, "It becomes very drafty." "A breezy delight, an entertainment with too much on its mind to be considered lightweight and too much wit to be mistaken for a polemic. It's brazen, outlandish and pointed comedy."-- Marin Independent Journal.
An Ordinary Day by Dario Fo & Franca Rome (Cast: 2M 1F)
The play opens with Julia making a video of herself for her husband to watch after she has killed herself. Her film-making attempts are foiled, however, by a series of phone calls from women mistaking her for an analyst. Despite the serious theme, this thought-provoking play has comic men's roles and a strong female central role.
Grandma's Photograph by Alan Marshall (Cast: 3M 3F)
Every year, the Pye family, like many other families, has a photograph taken in a studio and sends copies to relatives. In 1914, this is a very special photograph, because John Pye, the son of the family, has volunteered to fight in France and he has just been issued with his uniform. Mr Stott, the photographer, is impressed but his long-suffering wife, has no illusions about the imminent war. During the following two years, the Pyes turn up for the annual photograph until, eventually, in 1916, there is just a gathering of women. What is discovered is that the war has imprisoned some women and liberated others. Nothing will ever be the same again...
Office Song by Nick Warburton (Cast: 1M 2F)
Brian is attempting to escape his firm's Christmas party when he is waylaid in the cloakroom by Claire, who soon discovers a secret about her unassuming colleague: at home, he likes to sing Doris Day songs. Claire tries to persuade Brian to take part in a talent contest; with her friend Wendy she sets about training Brian to sing in public.
Swan Song by Vanessa Brooks (Cast: 1M 2F)
Donald, a sardonic and weary Chartered Surveyor, is retiring from the long-established, small town company he's devoted himself to for the last thirty-five years. Margaret is his hardworking, unmarried secretary who has devoted herself to Donald. On his last day, Donald has planned to spend the day doing what he wants to do. But Mimi, his bored, lonely wife has other ideas. Funny, witty and sad by turns this is an excellent choice for three mature actors.
Tunnel Vision by Sheila Hodgson (Cast: 2M 3F)
Susan and Brian are returning home late with Susan's parents, Angie and Peter. Unable to catch a taxi, they descend onto the platform of an Underground station, deserted but for Liz, a teenage runaway. As they await a delayed train, their bickering and idle chat begins to reveal family secrets, and strange and unsettling things happen. Sounds of drums rumble from the tunnel, footsteps echo in the passageways, shadows alive with malice appear. To top it all, Liz has designs of her own... Soon, a connection between the ghostly phenomena of the present and the poignant events of the past becomes obvious. A tense, dramatic play, ideal for festival work.
Reflections by Colin & Mary Crowther (Cast: 2M 2F)
A couple are nervously dressing for a party in the hotel downstairs. Each glumly despairs of being able to live up to their partner's expectations. The person they see in the mirror is very different from the person their partner sees but gradually each come to recognize and accept how different they can be.
Permission to Cry by David Campton (Cast: 3M +2)
Julia Gibbon, a junior minister, is thrown into turmoil by the conflict between private and public morality. Her affair with Penelope Wright, a frank and forthright journalist, very much a thorn-in-the-side of the Establishment, forces Julia to confront insecurities and doubts she never knew she had. This is a compassionate play about love and politics in our hypocritical age.
Housewarming by Arthur Aldrich (Cast: 1M 3F)
Beattie Gladwin, too old to look after herself any longer, is forced to sell the house, which she’s lived in throughout her marriage. But she doesn’t want to let go of the house or the memories; so when the young couple, Michelle and Brian move in, she visits them and they become embroiled in to the events, which took place in the past. Beattie’s sister, Polly, is also present. Strange things have happened and continue to happen and Michelle and Brian are not certain whether their visitors are real or ghosts. Can you decide?
Music for Amelia by Derek Rhodes (Cast: 2M +1)
Max, an MP, comes to discuss a radio programme which will trace his life through his favourite music. The show's presenter, Amelia Cruikshank, is unavailable so Hector deputizes - but he is not what he purports to be. His questioning reveals shocking details of a story from the past and their repercussions in the present day, leading to the final shattering moments of this intriguing play.


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